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Installation of biomass boilers and pellet stoves

If you are looking for reliable professionals for the installation of a biomass boiler or pellet stove, look no further than Eco Friendly Installations Ltd. 

Biomass boilers in Aberdovey

Are you looking for a greener way to heat your home? Biomass systems can significantly reduce your carbon footprint. Fueled on a renewable and sustainable fuel source they also provide 100% of your hot water and heating requirements. Wood pellets are burned and the gases released from this process are then used to heat the water in your central heating system. Biomass boilers use hoppers which automatically feed the system with wood pellets, the hoppers range in sizes, from small domestic sized ones which require filling once a day, to much larger commercial sized ones, which would be filled once a week or so (depending on usage). Eco Friendly Installations provide both domestic and commercial installations in Aberdovey and across mid Wales, North Wales, Ceredigion and surrounding areas. 
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Efficient fueling solutions

Fuel pellets are a pretty refined technology in their own right. Many sources of raw biomass can be made into pellets, including timber industry by-products and recycled timber. The pellets are pressed in controlled conditions to ensure that they are dry enough to burn with exceptional efficiency. 

What's more, dry pellets flow smoothly from the boiler's hopper, through the system to the crucible where they are incinerated.

Fuel pellet distributors can certify that their products are of a high calorific value and low moisture content (to comply with European standard EN 14961).

Once in your possession it is important that you keep your fuel dry. Whether it is held in a hopper, or stored in sealed packaging. This will ensure that your system will provide the power at the efficiencies that you expect.

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Biomass can work along with your existing central heating

More than any other renewable system, biomass boilers can step into the shoes of traditional oil boilers; with piping-hot water on demand and no need to replace your existing central heating system. 

Biomass boilers do require hoppers, which depending on the size of the system, can be quite large. An outdoor space, such as a barn or shed, is generally required to house the equipment and the fuel.

Biomass can be fitted to work with your existing central heating system. Replacing old radiators and heaters may help you gain grater efficiency and energy saving.

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