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Wood stove installations in Aberdyfi

At Eco Friendly Installations Ltd, we specialise in back boiler and wood stove installations across mid Wales, North Wales and Ceredigion. 

Why opt for wood-burning stoves? 

Wood is probably the most widely available renewable fuel. Not only will a wood stove provide the cosy warmth and light of a real fire with the drying effect that comes with circulating air, but your stove can heat the rest of the house and water through a back boiler and radiator system.

Modern stove and flue technology means that the accumulation of soot and tar are greatly reduced compared with older systems. We can also arrange an annual maintenance schedule to ensure optimal operation.

For the efficient installation of wood-burning stoves in Aberdyfi, get in touch with Eco Friendly Installations Ltd. 

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Efficient fuel for your wood stove

Any type of wood can be burned, but we advise using logs that are dry, as high moisture content can damage the appliance and greatly reduce its efficiency.

We are registered with HETAS so you know that if we install a wood burning stove it will be done with care and precision, ensuring maximum efficiency and ease of use.
Smoke-free wood stove

Planning permission and smoke-free zones

Stoves are generally considered to be permitted development, but we normally advise for you to verify this with the local planning officer, as listed buildings, and smoke-free zones have their own rules. Smoke-free zones are areas in the UK within which appliances must comply with the clean air act, as described on the DEFRA website. For further advice on this, contact our team today.
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For wood stove installations in Aberdovey, get in touch with Eco Friendly Installations Ltd on 
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